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Tips and tricks strategy guide! game are like other io games that you know and love, but for this time the aim is to cover many boards and you can by making color boxes. Typical .io rules apply: there’s competition on the board and they’re out to get you, so you got to take them out in order to be the best!

There are many things to do in the game so we are here to help you get things done by sharing some of the tips - a complete strategy guide for everyone!


Play it Careful


The moment we spent with Paperio, one thing is clear: computer opponents are like wolves and they will try to break your path if they see a chance. You will probably notice this - if you are starting a facility near another computer, try to cling a little and create a trail. 90% of the time the computer will drop whatever they are doing and go straight into your trail until you have created a safe area. For this reason, we recommend you play it as safe as possible. You never know when a new computer will drop to and ruin everything you have worked for! Slowly grasp the small parts of the table and do not over-stress too much. Remember, the more you go out of the base, the more vulnerable you are!


To escort

Over there, you can use gain of the computer’s ravenous. If you see competitor near your computer and you want take it out , you can try haulingthem out as your  bait. When you take all out, you will make a box. And just you don't have trail, the computer come back right alway and put mark. If you have change, you will take them out as soon as possible




Play protectively


With this tips, you can just sit in your base and wait for your opponent to make a move. The easiest way to take an enemy out is to wait for them to foolishly slither into your base, then go in for the kill. You don’t even have to risk peeking out of your base if you wish; keep waiting inside your base and the enemy will eventually try to infiltrate you. Since they have no protection, you can take them out really fast.


Score high for better coins!

To win and to get high score, you will need to double your efforts and think more. If the higher your final score is, the more coins you will obtain. The number of coins you get at the end of each round is calculated by multiplying your percentage score by eight, as well as multiplying opponent kills by 30. The rounded total of those two calculations is your coin yield. If you see a score milestone message while playing, that total may be multiplied by two or three times as well.

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