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Everything You Need To Know to Win in For Mobile

If you’ve been a fan of .io games as,, and, then check out right now. is the latest addition to the craze of io games. In the game, you control a black hole that travels around in the city and swallows up anything and everything that can fall into it. You continue to grow in size as you collect more things until you’re able to gobble up entire city blocks with your massive black hole. The larger the object you eat, the higher the points you gain. You're competing to see who can get the most points in just two minutes.

How to play for mobile

First, you can choose one way to play which you want. There are four game modes to choose from:

1. Classic mode: You competing against online opponents to see who can grow the biggest in just two minutes.
2. Battle mode: This is your typical last-man-standing mode… except with holes.
3. Solo mode: You try and clear the entire map in under two minutes.
4. Friends mode: Lets you set up a local multiplayer game using Bluetooth.

Played on mobile by touching and dragging on the screen of your mobile in order to control the direction in which your menacing black hole moves, is incredibly simple and easy to play. That being said, simple to play doesn’t necessarily mean easy to win. Don't worry too much; below, we’ll show you some tactics that can give you the edge over your competitors and hints to make sure you're always close to the top of the leaderboard.

Get familiar with the map

In the game, There is only 1 available map; therefore, memorizing the locations would be advantageous, especially at the beginning of the game.

Don’t target trees and streetlights at the beginning 

Ignore the trees and streetlights when your hole is at the first level because they tend to be tough and consume a lot of time when sinking.

Swallowing objects correctly

You must ensure that the things you're swallowing straight down into your black hole. If you're just the right size to eat something, it'll start to topple when you slide under it. But if it falls wrong then it could get jammed, which leaves you having to pick up smaller things to increase your size so you can clear the blockage. Aim for things a couple of sizes smaller than you, and you'll be better placed to win.

Find the park

The park is the best place for you to grow because there are lots of people and small objects. So this is a great way to rack up a whole number of points in quick succession. You can rack up about a hundred points in a matter of seconds. And it'll also make you much bigger, which makes you less vulnerable to attack, and less dangerous.

Eat smaller opponents

Once you get bigger, you can eat the hole that's smaller than you. You shouldn't go out of your way to find them, but if a small hole is in your way, eat it. You will get some points from 5-50 points depending on their sizes. The best move is to come up behind a hole that's smaller than you that's chasing a second, even smaller hole. You can get a double kill pretty easily.

Traffic lights and cars

These are also good ways to get big scores. The roads in the city terminate and the cars driving on them just turn round. Cars can rapidly increase your points. Once you get big enough to eat cars, you can roam around eating random things and find their spawn point. You may also look for parking lots to gather points and then eat buildings.

Keep on moving 

If you can't find anything to eat, then keep on the move, you never know what's around the corner. When a larger hole comes for you, try and keep ahead of it. If you're smart you can eat everything in your path and turn the tables on them. If there's a lot of holes in one section of the map, move on somewhere else. It's often the hole that spends a lot of time on its own that wins the game.

The Conclusion

With a surprisingly nice 3D design, if you find this game interesting and you want to play it on your mobile, you can read this post to use some tips, hints to win the game. Want to give a try? Play here!

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