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The Best Way To Get High Scores In The Game is a new addictive game by Voodoo developer. In this game, your task is to compete against other players for a limited time, to eat everything on the road in the city to become the biggest player in the arena.

To achieve this, you must score the most number of points in the game. You have to eat everything for your hole the bigger. You will have to start with smaller objects such as eat up cars, people, houses, and even buildings in order to earn points and make yourself bigger. Once you are the bigger hole, you can easily absorb up smaller players in order to make yourself even bigger. You should be careful because other players will be going after you as well. To get the most points that are not easy. If you want to get a high score, then read some cheats, tips, and tricks below:

Get a good beginning

Start the game, you play aggressively while you are still small. This is a common mistake in most people playing this game. Don't follow the other players because they will be able to eat the food before you. Instead, look for areas where there are no other holes running about. Once you find a good spot to eat alone, the next step is choosing what to eat.

Use your time wisely

If you want to get the win before the other players then you must use your time wisely. Look for clusters of small objects and work your way toward bigger ones. You need to be able to eat up multiple objects at once in order to increase your size rapidly. Don't bother with the streets and streetlights because they take up too much time to consume.

Parking lots are delicious

When you are big enough, you should go for parking lots. You can consume everything inside the parking lots or wait for cars to spawn. You can also go up and down the streets waiting for hapless drivers to fall into your trap. Try to take up both lanes of the street, so you can catch cars that are going in different directions.

The variety of food in the public park

Normally, the public park is the place where many people gather, and as such, you can find a lot of different objects. With all the different objects inside the public parks, you can be sure you can gain a whole lot of points by demolishing them. You can eat practically anything you find inside a park, so make sure you head for one as soon as you are big enough.

The large buildings are great to create large holes

After you eat everything in the park, you're big enough, so you can consume small buildings.  Look for building clusters and eat them all up until you can take on bigger buildings. You should be able to eat buildings after the 100 point mark. Buildings are the best ways to grow bigger without eating other players. Large buildings give you 10 points apiece, allowing you to earn some big points. If you aren't big enough to eat buildings in one go, you should move slowly, so you will slowly consume the building. Keep doing this until you are big enough to move a little faster.

Hunt for smaller holes

You can eat all the smaller holes than you because eating other holes will reward you with at least 25 points. You may even earn over 50 points if you manage to consume a big enough hole. But you should remember that other holes can eat you up as well. If you die, you will be out of the game for 10 seconds. You will return to your original size when you respawn, which means you will have to eat up a whole lot more in less time to be able to make it back to the top. Try to look for a good place to respawn, so it will be easier for you to get back into the race.

Do not waste time on unnecessary things

Although you can eat everything you should pay attention to the time you need to actually eat. If you feel like you are taking too long to eat an object, abandon it and move on. Staying too long to eat a large object is counterproductive. You could have eaten half a dozen smaller objects instead. Staying too long in one spot not only wastes your time, it also exposes you to possible predators lurking about.

Run away the enemy

It is actually quite easy to run away from the enemy. You do not need to worry, just keep running in the opposite direction and whoever is chasing you will eventually stop. The only time you would really get eaten in the game is if you are not paying attention to where you are going. If you are too busy chasing something else, or if you are reckless in your movement, you might accidentally bump into another hole, turning yourself into an instant snack

Climb the ranks

The ranks are measured in stars, with the lowest rank starting at one star. You earn an additional star every time you reach a new rank. Ranks are based on your high scores as well as your position upon finishing a match. That means it is not enough to win massive amounts of points, you will need to make sure you actually beat others.

If you get the first place will reward you with 20 points. Second place gives you 10 points. Third place gives you 5 points. You only get 2 points for the fourth or fifth place. Finally, the sixth and seventh are only worth one point. 

Play with your friends

If you want to play with your friends then you can create a multiplayer room. Everyone participating has to have the game installed on their devices. They would also need Bluetooth capability in order for the multiplayer game to work. Just create the room and have your friends join in via Bluetooth. You can also have someone else create the room and you just need to hit the join button to get the party started.

Hole io is a very interesting game, a game about the hole - eat - hole. If you have read tips, guide, tricks above, we think that you will get the highest score in the rankings. Have fun with this game!

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